This tumblr is dedicated to earnest reviews of cookies we eat and disingenuous and nonsensical gambling advice.

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Mini Black and White Cookies from Dean & Deluca. Also, we have bedbugs in our apartment.

Chocolate chip cookies from Cookie Road, at Franklin and Oak in Greenpoint.

Compost cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar, 13th and 2nd Ave.

Cookies and Bookies live at Froduce’s show at The Creek. Black and White Cookies from the Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop on Manhattan Ave. between Norman and Meserole in Greenpoint.

Chocolate Chip “M&M” Cookie from the Ben Ash Delicatessen, 55th and 7th.

Black and White Cookies from The City Lights Diner, 51st and 10th

Black and White Cookie from E.A.T., 1064 Madison, btwn 80th and 81st